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We are a startup too, so we are familiar with all the difficulties most startups face, which is why we did our best to cover all areas of support, including forming strategic partnerships to fulfill the most basic startups' needs.

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We are always looking for great partners! We provide a differentiator service to help investors to find the best startup opportunities, as well as help out their portfolio of startups to grow.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We assist both American and Brazilian startups looking to expand their scope of services by international market expansion or to develop new products, through mergers and acquisitions.

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We also enjoy assisting businesses seeking to start or to adapt their product or service in the US or Brazilian markets. We welcome and particularly love this nature of challenge!

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We are a startup focused on helping other startups and businesses in the US and Brazil to grow to their full potential, from conception to expansion, whether they want to internationalize or expand domestically. We'd like to position ourselves as a bridge, facilitators that will do more than only provide mentorship. We want to get involved with each client to understand their needs, then together work on a strategy to achieve their goals.

Our differentiator comes from the combined knowledge, experience, and highly varied network of our team, which provides a rich perspective uniting the different angles from the business aspect to the design and development ones. Hence why we can help them from the creation of their business plans and product development to the actual implementation. We are at a unique vantage point allowing us to identify and provide solutions to areas that could be improved from the business or technological aspects, always approaching it through the most innovative standpoint, since innovation sits at the core of our mindset.

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